Saturday, May 3, 2008

Some....Well, two finishes!

Now that I have my office all nice and my stitching chair and my TV I just love stitching again! With my new glasses -- yes, progressive lenses -- I do not even have to use the magnifier, but I do because I can!

This first finish I stitched for my friend Mercy. She saw this freebie a month or two ago and pointed it out that she wanted to stitch it. As soon as she said it, I picked out some aida as I knew it would be my work project and started to kit it up. Of course, with all the DMC I have, I did not have 165 so I just went and picked up all new threads! It took me longer than I thought to stitch it as it seems that I never get to my jobs 30 minutes ahead of time anymore to stitch, but about 15 minutes so that cuts my stitching time in half. (My transcripts are all caught up though....) Mercy texted me today to let me know it arrived so I will share it with you all right now.This next finish was a gift from Petra that I am going to PIF to Sandy. It was supposed to be a QSW, but it turned out to be a two-week project. Being it is on linen, it's clearly not a work project so I basically only worked on it on nights when Rich was at work.
Finished 5/1/08

What else is new? Well, WW is going great. I have lost 12.6 pounds so far, which makes me very happy! It seems like so many things are settling down now and that also makes me very happy. April brought us good news which will make our lives much simpler in the future and, for that, I am so very grateful.

I am now working on L*K's Limited Edition called "America" I think. I'm not even sure what it's called! It is a QSW so let's see how that works out. I might be updating my blog again soon than later.

Sandy P., "Love" will definitely go in the mail on Monday now that I am done with it!

That's all I've got for now....I will have to take a pic of my WIP magnetic spice rack, too. I'll save that for next time.



Dawn B. said...

Both finishes are great. Good that life has calmed down. Happy stitching

Meari said...

Love that Quaker freebie, Barb? Is it located online somewhere? The colors are great. Your other finish turned out nice, too. Congrats on both finishes!

CJ said...

The Quaker freebie is great. Is it available on-line?

Great finishes.