Friday, May 9, 2008

Missing Angie

Some days I get to thinking about Angie and I read her makes me feel like a better person to have known her and I just like to look at her stitching and see the comments that her stitchy friends left her to know and remember how much she was loved.

I hope her family is doing okay....she loved her family so much and they loved her back so unconditionally.

I just didn't want anyone to forget her as time is flying by so fast so I figured I would share her blog once again. Today I miss her a lot.



shutterbug said...

She must have been tapping us both on the shoulder Barb. I've been thinking about Angie a lot today. Earlier I was deleating old messages and just can't bear to delete any from her. Even though they might just be useless messages, they're staying there. For now anyway. :op When I was reading her messages I could hear her saying what I was reading. Sunday will be a hard day for Cory. :o( I looked at her blog again since you mentioned it. You know, I still haven't finished that Spice Tea SMO piece. I think after I get some of these other things out of the way I will pull it out and get it finished. I need to finish my LK Bits too. Everytime I stitch on them I think of Angie. Wonder if she's still stitching? :o)
Anyway, just to let you know you aren't alone in missing her. :o(
Hugs, Elaine

Katie said...

I miss her too. She was a fantastic lady. We chatted several times. She just loved Jeremiah and always wanted to check in on how he was doing. I think of her often. So both you ladies aren't alone. What a great woman she was!

Karen said...

Such a shame she's not with us anymore...she was a fantastic lady!