Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finally a Finish!

Well, this CSF QSW took two QSWs plus three days! Eeeeeek! I did enjoy it though. Am I turning into a linen snob? I might be! Eeeeeeeek again!

Next up is "Ewe Alone" by Sheepish Designs. Actually, I am going to put a few stitches in right now.



Dawn B. said...

well I like you QSW finish.

Meari said...

Very nice, Barb. I like it! Congrats on your finish. :)

Danielsen5 said...

Very cool blog! What does QSW stand for? How do you have time to finish these things? I only seem to get two big projects a year done and maybe two small ones. Maybe it's my four year old twins hindering me? Hmmmmm. LOL

Blessings, Beth Ann