Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Well, I got this fan from my mother a few weeks ago...or maybe it was a few months ago. Seems that my father bought them on clearance for $5 and he picked up a few of them, but no one was interested. Well, I thought it would be useful so I took one.

I set it up tonight and it's cooler than anything else I have come into contact with lately and I am loving life. The blades are nylon so I am having a fun time putting my fingers in the blades and making the sound of baseball cards in the spokes of your bicycle's wheels. By the way, do kids do that? I would imagine they wouldn't want to ruin any cards as they are probably thinking about the cards' future values and eBay!

I guess I can really say that I'm way cool now!

Do you want to be cool too? Here's the link and they come in cool colors other than orange, too!


1 comment:

Mippity said...

You are waaaaaaay cool. Did you honestly need a fan to restate the obvious??