Saturday, November 29, 2008

Okay! Okay! Here I am finally!

Hey All!

So, it's been a while since I have actually blogged...I have been reading everyone's blogs and thinking to myself, "Self, you should really get to blogging as you have a lot to say!" Now that it comes down to it, geez, am I shy? Why is nothing coming to mind? Hmmmmmmmmph.

Well, I guess one reason I was a bit MIA was because of politics. Yeah, my ticket didn't win and I am quite sad and, quite frankly, concerned for my country. We'll see what happens though as I am trying to be positive. Exciting things happened during the campaign season though that I must share with you. I saw both Sarah Palin and John McCain in Scranton! I went to Governor Palin's rally by myself so I was able to get there early and early I got there and I was in the second row pretty much right in front of her podium. After the rally was over, I got to shake her hand and tell her that she was the person that got me on board with her running mate. I also got to meet her husband, Todd, and told him that I only wished his family well and God bless them. For the country music lovers out there, I also met Lee Greenwood! What a nice guy he was, too. It was a great time for me. Rich and I went to a John McCain rally the weekend before the election and, being I wasn't by myself and Rich has bad legs and his bad back, we sat behind the stage, but we were there! That was the most important thing! It was fun, fun, fun.

Let's see....what else? Well, Weight Watchers is going pretty well. I am holding steady at 35 pounds lost and am ready to break through this plateau. I am bored with it already so I am going to step up my exercising and get back to writing everything down. Well, being it's not 1980 anymore, I will just make sure that I key everything I eat into my eTools. I bought my Blackberry so that I would have my WW tools available at all times, but I got extremely lazy. I mean, I weigh and measure EVERYTHING, but I got lazy with keeping my points under control. I am still WiiFitting so that's probably keeping me status quo. Today was my 183rd day of WiiFitting with only a few days missed here and there and those missed days were mainly because we were away.

I bought a new laptop last month. I was sick and tired of using Rich's Second-Hand Rose computer so I started shopping online. Just for $hits and giggles, I checked QVC one day and wouldn't you know it? The Dell I was looking at was the TSV so I scooped it up in pink! It was between pink and green, but pink always trumps green as we all know.

Stitching is going....well....yeah, it's going. I am currently working on Little House Needlework's Brave Heart. I am using a piece of 28 count evenweave and Crescent Colors floss. Can I tell you something? Don't tell Sharon Crescent, but I'm not a big fan. That floss knots up on me like no other floss does. It's so annoying. With every stitch, I realize that I am a DMC a row to the right and come back and cross them all. I hate stitching one stitch at a time. Sometimes I forget that I have to do one at a time and I go to the right (always to the right!) about 10 stitches and then have to frog and stitch them one at a time. Blah. One would think I'd have a WIP pic to show off, but I don't.

Take note of my online kettle for Salvation Army on the top right of my blog. Feel free to make a contribution...every dollar helps! It goes directly to them as I am simply hosting the kettle. I am going to match whatever donations are donated so donate often and early if you care to.

I think that's all I've got for now. Next time I will post a WIP pic, I promise. I actually took one with my phone and emailed it to myself, but it didn't arrive yet so it will have to wait until next time.

Now I am going to go downstairs and stitch and watch Ellen at 9:00 on TBS, although I am yawning now so I might not make it. LOL



Cindy F. said...

Great going with WW!
Can't wait to see your wip:)

Petra said...

Yipppeee another post! OK I won't keep commenting on the lack of posts on your blog...but I'm so excited to see you blogging again! I mean why have a blog if you aren't keeping it updated...just collect dust and cobwebs and that's not very appealing is it? Unless it's the vacated house look your aiming for? Anywhooo girlfiend...glad to see you posting and now show us that photo!
(say it like Ty "Move that bus!")

Colleen said...

Nice blogging, but I want to see a WIPs updated pic! giggle I am also still waiting to see pics of Sarah Palin and others from the rally too.

Katie said...

Hey it's nice to see ya blogging again. Keep it up!

TDee said...

I would rather be stuck at 35 lbs than my 10 lbs. I always have a hard time losing though.

I am waiting pictures... share them soon.

Congrats on the new puter.


Lucy said...

Just keep blogging...we'll read it!
Looking forward to some stitching pics too!

Anonymous said...