Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Friend Angie!

I finally got down to Mimi's Attic yesterday to pick up my framing order. Angie stitched this for me as a total surprise and I just love it. See, what happened was Angie and KP stitched this piece for each other and I think that Angie knew deep down that I felt left out as I wasn't able to stitch with them and then exchange pieces. It came in the mail and I was so touched that she took time out of her days to do this for me.

Thanks so much, Angie. I really love you.



mercy said...

Love the blue!
THe framing looks great :-)

Lisa said...

It looks great, Barb! A real treasure from a real friend. The framing really shows off the work, doesn't overpower it.

Stitchingnow said...

That was a nice gift and thought. Congrats

shutterbug said...

What a nice surprise! No one appreciates a stitched gift more than a stitcher. You're a lucky girl!

Meari said...

Lovely! What a great gift. :)