Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Well, I got this fan from my mother a few weeks ago...or maybe it was a few months ago. Seems that my father bought them on clearance for $5 and he picked up a few of them, but no one was interested. Well, I thought it would be useful so I took one.

I set it up tonight and it's cooler than anything else I have come into contact with lately and I am loving life. The blades are nylon so I am having a fun time putting my fingers in the blades and making the sound of baseball cards in the spokes of your bicycle's wheels. By the way, do kids do that? I would imagine they wouldn't want to ruin any cards as they are probably thinking about the cards' future values and eBay!

I guess I can really say that I'm way cool now!

Do you want to be cool too? Here's the link and they come in cool colors other than orange, too!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Monday Morning!

It's been a while since I have posted, but I guess that's only because I have had really nothing at all new and exciting.

I did manage to finish my "Boo Squared" by L*K this weekend. Yes, you see right. I used green fabric for it. Is it stupid? You can tell me and my feelings won't be hurt. See, what happened is this: I bought the fabric it called for as I figured even a non-linen girl like myself could stitch this small L*K on this small piece of linen. Ha! I couldn't even do the first stitch so I abandoned that and immediately went up to my fabric drawer looking for a purple and, alas, I had no small piece of purple anything....no aida and no small piece of SW evenweave. I grabbed the green and personally don't think it's that stupid, but Rich put his nose up at it.

I will be doing a PIF with this pattern on CSF along with that fabric cut.

My friend Mercy (Hi, Mercy!) asked me to post a WIP pic of my "Betsy" so here it is:

So, it seems my Yankees will make the playoffs. Hmmmmmmph. I would be happier for them to win the division than to sneak in with the wild card, but I guess I should just suck it up and embrace the wild card. I don't know.....Boston was so consistent throughout the year....My Yankees are playing now how they should have played throughout the year. Either way, I will enjoy watching the playoffs! Yesterday, at Yankee Stadium, there was a tribute to Phil Rizzuto and it was just great. It brought many tears to my eyes. Like The Boss said, "Heaven must have needed a shortstop."

Rich has his second interview at Gander Mountain today. He is very excited to get out there and working again and this time it will be a job that he might enjoy. He won't get dirty and he won't be standing under cars and we can start to sell his many, many tools and dopey tool boxes. I hope he gets this job, but I am afraid that it's going to effect my life in the sense that he will probably be working weekends and evenings....and the day after Thanksgiving....I have to remember that it's not all about me though. I think I need to tattoo that to my wrist actually and refer to it often.

Sue, Laura, and I are meeting up at CATS on Friday morning at 9:00! I simply cannot wait to see them. We are just staying for the day as we figure that's enough time to do some damage at the merchandise mart and stitch and gab. Rich is going to go out there, too, and go to some gun stores that are out there. There is also Bass Pro Shops for him to go to and kill some time.

Uh-oh. I have to get ready to head out to Stroudsburg for my job.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another 9/11

First, I must acknowledge 9/11 and, with that, I have a heavy heart. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was on the computer IMing my former friend Laurie when the first tower was hit. She worked in midtown and we both figured it was an FAA mistake or something. Then the second tower was hit and we realized at the same moment what had happened. I remember hearing Katie Couric screaming on the Today Show. I told Laurie what was going on and she said she was going to try to get back to her home in the Poughkeepsie area. She signed off and I worried all day about my BFF. I never heard from her until I called her that night and she said she was home by about two o'clock. I was so hurt that she didn't think to even call me and let me know she was okay. We were best friends since about 1979. That was the end of our friendship. I realized that it was totally one-sided and could never get over that hurt that I was not given one iota of consideration.

Another friend of mine, Teresa a/k/a TAG, worked downtown and she is just so adorable, but I digress. She is one of the smartest people I know. As soon as the first tower was hit, she grabbed her purse, jumped on the subway to Penn Station and jumped on the first Long Island Railroad Train she saw. She ended up out further on Long Island than she lived, but she was safely out of there. She called me from home at about noon. I was so relieved to know she was okay.

A boy I pretty much grew up with -- he was my brother's age -- and who I really considered my brother was a fireman who went into the tower that day and did not survive. He left behind two kids and a beautiful wife, who is still active with the other fireman's wives. The guy that bought my co-op in Garden City also did not survive. He was working on the 87th floor and just couldn't get down. It's very sad. He had just gotten married to his high school sweetheart in May of 2001. Two people that I know personally and that I miss.

God Bless America and God Bless our Troops!

Here is an update of my "Betsy" by Sheepish Designs! I am using VC Silks and 18 ct fiddler's cloth. I don't know why I thought I finished the whole alphabet, but I guess I was mistaken. Tonight I am going to work on finishing the leaves and then do the branch. I am going to leave the lady for absolute last as she looks like she will just be adorable!

This is Brendan showing us his smile. He is such a Virginia Ham. LOL I don't know what possessed Rich to ask him to show us his smile, but he did and this is the result and he does it every single time! It cracked us up every single time, too.

On the home front, Rich has been referred to yet another doctor -- this time for some injections and/or acupuncture. My mother had mentioned acupuncture a few weeks ago and, sure enough, so did the doctor. Now it's just a waiting game to see when the appointment is. I think this situation is finally getting to both of us as it is just the limbo we are living in right now. Is he going to be able to work at any job? We don't know. It has been pretty much decided that he will not be going back to being an auto tech ever again due to work restrictions. He had a great run, I'll tell ya.

Tonight I'm planning on stitching during a two-hour marathon of Family Guy. Oh, how we love that show. Do you watch it? If not, you should. It's a little crass and crude, but that's what makes it so hysterical. Last night was the season finale of "My Boys" and that really left us hanging. Now we are waiting for the next season of that, too.

Time to get this party started.